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Sled Dawg

The same great Colt technology is now compatible with a Rogers LEV Sled.


Sled Dawg

The same great Colt technology is now compatible with a Rogers LEV Sled.

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS Height: 15.00 Inches Width: 52.00 Inches Length: 52.00 Inches Weight: 5 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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*Patent Pending

*For quantities greater than 3 for any product, contact KRAUSKO at 262-631-0782, or your local distributor

1 Year Warranty
  • Upgrade your existing Roger's sled (LEV, MOD, TEK, or PWR LN)
  • No new steel structures
  • Realistic spring return arms, made for striking
  • "Easy Pin System" Adjustable height (Goaline - Pass Rush)
  • Torso designed for tight hand placement
  • Every day drills for DL, LB and OL

When You're Older.
Adult football blocking pads with arms Shop Now
The Adult Colt is the same great product
without the target jersey and pads.
Thigh-High On Your Average Guy.
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The "HIT" Circle of Trust is our
smallest tackling ring.

Enhanced LEV Blocking Sled Parts: Arm your Team for Wars in the Trenches

Standard blocking sled pads are limited to hitting and driving techniques, which are only half the battle. Controlling the line depends on active hand placement and violent physicality. The Sled Dawg borrows the Colt's patented technology to develop the hand work needed to manipulate the opponent at full game speed. Our blocking sled pad is not just a replacement, but an upgrade to your Rogers LEV sled's shock pads – add more dimension to your 2-man, 5-man or 7-man LEV sled leverage blocking drills and make gains where it counts.

Versatile Sled Pad Replacements for Offensive or Defensive Drills

Get more use out of your LEV sled – on both sides of the ball. The durable arms of these patented blocking pads create realistic battles for line of scrimmage dominance. Guards, tackles, centers and tight ends improve leverage with optimized hand placement when blocking; defensive tackles, ends and nose tackles learn the hand violence needed to shed blocks and get the ball carrier.

Coach Comments:

“Our old MOD Sled just became 10X more valuable!” – Coach Smith

“With the Sled Dawg, we could immediately see our players adjust to a more realistic experience. They learn quickly to explode and separate!” – Coach Dawkins

“Smart and valuable. It’s a logical improvement that every coach will appreciate!” – Coach Klinzing

“Imagine using your existing sled and instantly get better results because of a new pad. With Krausko’s Sled Dawg, you can see technique improve with a minimal investment.” - Jeff Kraus

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